Monroe has many events and things to do: The Evergreen Fairgrounds is always having events like auto races, swap meets, craft fairs and more. Check out their website for more details! There is a large Galaxy movie theater that shows all the current movies. The surrounding towns often times have main street events at different times of the year, you can visit their websites for event listings.


Duvall is more of a historical town and often has town events, visit their website for dates. Just 10 minutes from Duvall you will find Remlinger Farms in Carnation. They have seasonal events throughout the year where you can spend the day or just a few hours. There is a gift shop and café that provide lots of good things that come from the farm.


Snohomish has an awesome main street to walk and browse lots of antique shops. It also has lots of resturantes to eat at along the main strip. They also have a river walk that goes along the river.